Area of Practice

Dispute resolution and litigation

Because the possibility that a person will be sued in the modern era and because individuals in this time do not self-expire their rights, so show the progress of legal representation in judicial disputes with high quality and in constant contact with you and keep you informed of the latest developments in your dispute


Doing business in Kuwait

Are you looking to start a business? Do you want your business to have a substantial system? Tebyan offers you this service from the start and will draw a contract for deals if desired till its expiration



Banking & Finance

Because banking is the main economic factor and the basis for any business work. Tebyan offers legal services from reviews of banks like bank statement and reviews of tour private banking contracts.


Corporate & commercial

Because the commercial process of any size is the backbone of a vibrant economy and because commercial companies are the main engine of any economy and because any commercial transaction between any two parties is aimed at stability, Tebyan offers formulation of contracts and legal representation, whether before the convening of any commercial client by providing matching advice for the interest of the client or legal representation when any dispute arises in that business process.



Construct & Real state

Because real estate and its auxiliaries are a heavy commodity and because its economic role is important you need a sound legal opinion in managing it and transferring the rights related to it and all the contractual relations produced by the real estate need good legal opinion. Legal advice and representation, contract review and real estate revenue collection.

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